S0E0 Zero Problem Never Exist Very Filipino Problems

Very Filipino Problems? What is this podcast all about? Questions answered in this short introductory trailer.

A personal take on the different issues and problems Filipinos encounter in their daily lives.

Brought to you by Arvin Cudanin, a Filipino professional living in Finland, and the program co-hosts.

This podcast is co-created by different Filipinos around the world.


  • The Educators Club is back in this podcast with the second part of their episode talking about online etiquettes. Is grammar and punctuation marks really important in any messaging platform? What could be the effect on the message when there are missing punctuation marks? Or how does it feel when people shorten their words or use SMS-speak or leetspeak? How important is to keep the privacy of the people you are dealing with online? Why is it bad to just tag people in photos when you don't ask for their permissions? Why do people reveal a lot of things in […]
  • The Brits are back and we are going to talk about the qualities of being a good travel buddy. How important is punctuality and how can you get the perfect balance between being on time and having some flexibility? How does it affect the mood and the synergy of the group if someone is late and how bad it can be if it is an international flight that we are talking about? And how hard it could be if there are some mishaps along the way, especially being sick or unable to continue with the travel? Another quality of being […]
  • The Engineering Club is back in the podcast discussing about virtue signaling problems. What is virtue signaling and how does it affect us on how we perceive other people's motives and beliefs? Why is it bad to show a moral viewpoint just for the intent of representing good character? How is virtue signaling  demonstrated in our social media platforms? How do politicians take advantage of different situations to draw their moral compass and show them to voters without really making impact in the society? Why do celebrities tend to pretend someone that they are not just to gather support and […]

Hosted By

Arvin Cudanin

Arvin is a Filipino professional living in Finland. He grew up in a small peaceful town in the Philippines. At the age of sixteen, he moved to the capital city Manila to attend the university. He became interested to learn different cultures and traditions and started wandering around Southeast Asia while working in different industries. In search of a better life, he ended up with a Nordic way of living, fell in love with the idea of equality and balance and adopted a very different culture from what he used to have.

Our Co-Hosts

Engineering Club

A circle of friends from Mapúa University who started their network from voluntary work through peer advising in a school program. They spent a lot of time traveling, drinking and playing with a lot of funny, weird and wild stories in between. Nowadays, most them are located far from each other so they maintained communications through digital gatherings.

Independent Streamers

Independent streamers that co-hosts different topics for the podcast.

Kumu Europe

A group of streamers from Kumu that are co-located in Europe and Nordic region and shares the same life experiences, struggles and European way of life. They mostly hang out in tambay, music, games and discussion livestreams and creates interesting content relating to the countries they reside in.

Lui Sajorda

Lui is a Filipina doctor based from United Kingdom. She moved to the UK in search of better opportunity in life in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, she is happily living the European way of life and is currently practicing her chosen profession while traveling around in her free time.

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